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Respiratory Therapist defeats COVID-19 with the help of home remedies like Turmeric, & Ginger

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A 47-year-old respiratory therapist at Maimonides Medical Centre in Brooklyn,

NY was infected with COVID-19 and has successfully fought it off. Raeburn Fairweather credits the use of Turmeric, Ginger and Garlic for helping him recover.

Fairweather was tested for COVID-19 March 17th, and was confirmed positive

on March 18th according to the New York Post. In an effort not to spread this deadly virus to his wife and son, he quarantined himself in the house using a private bathroom. Thankfully, non of his family members have showed any symptoms.

He admits that hospital workers were a little lax about using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) early on and exposed themselves to COVID-19. After a triple shift of inserting and removing ventilator tubes from the tracheas of coronavirus patients, he tested positive.

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In his recent interview with the New York Post Fairweather explains that he had a fever of 104 and said, “The Tylenol would not bring it down. My body felt like it was falling apart. Headaches were Immense, they were making my eyeballs feel like they were on springs.” He continued to say he was unable to smell and taste, and he coughed up “thick, white mucus during Day Three — and that carried on until Thursday of that week.” Since the Tylenol alone did not break it, he enlisted the help of some powerful spices.

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Being a native of Jamaica he treated himself with traditional Caribbean home remedies made with Turmeric, Garlic and Ginger along with Tylenol. Fairweather proclaimed “If your body cannot fight, you will not make it,

“it wears your body down.”

Thankfully, Fairweather won his fight with COVID-19 and is back to work. Fairweather told the New York Post “I didn’t hesitate to resume my duties helping others" “I love my job, and I was very bored at home,” he said.

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