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Who is Keto Coach E

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There was once a day when I went to a health screening at church and found out that my blood pressure was unbelievably high.


The nurse told me I needed to go see someone about it immediately.


That led me to find out that I was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol. Not only that, but my weight was also out of control.


Needless to say, I needed to take action….




I started implementing the Ketogenic Lifestyle, and it has changed my life!


I have practiced the Ketogenic Lifestyle for many years now, but when I started I knew that I needed to decrease carbs, and eliminate sugars but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I did months of research and even failed a few times. The teacher in me wanted to make sure I helped others.


Because of that, I started teaching and sharing what I learned online, and built a community of over 30,000 people. 


So my hope is with my classes, videos, articles,  and recipes that I can continue to help others learn about the lifestyle that has saved my life while helping them shorten their learning curve.

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